The invoice of the dentist is made up of the various actions performed during a treatment. Each action is defined on the invoice with a separate code. Each code has a rate associated with it.

You will receive invoices from Infomedics, a collection agency that accounts for the collection of invoices.

Of course we can also declare directly at your health insurance. In this case you will not receive the invoice yourself, but it will be sent directly to your health insurance.

In case of problems you can always contact the practice.


Just like before 2012, there’s a maximum rate since 01/01/2013 which is determined by the NZA (Dutch healthcare authority).

This means that these uniform rates will also be applied in this practice.

You can download a document with the NZA set rates here.

You are responsible for meeting the appointment; if you cannot keep the appointment please inform us by calling at least 24 hours in advance or leave a message on the answering machine. Otherwise we will be forced to send a bill and charge the scheduled time.

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