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I completed my training as a Dentist in 1991 and after a year of being a Dentist in the Air Force, I started dental practice Whitesmile, although it was not called that at the time.

Dental practice Whitesmile is a practice that has grown from very small to a full-fledged practice where my team and I present the best possible care to patients from a vision of dentistry.

I graduated in an era where composite (the white filling material) had its beginnings and where the wishes of the patients are increasingly being looked at and listened to. I have made this my own and have noticed that both the patient and I feel very comfortable with it. I hope that everyone feels "at home" in the practice where we try to meet all your wishes in an open communicative atmosphere. Feel free to tell me your wishes, I will also ask for them regularly. I have 30 years of experience, I have worked in several clinics and together with my team we use this experience to provide you with good care.

I hope to see you soon in my practice!

Dhr. Drs. R. (Robert) Strijkert

Dentist practice owner

My name is Halina, originally I come from Ukraine. There I have 10 years of working experience in different dental practices. I also have a background in children's dentistry. Thanks to this experience, I still really enjoy working with children and anxious patients. In 2019 I was looking for a new challenge and Whitesmile came my way. Exactly at the right time. After more than 2 years of dental practice at Whitesmile, I am ready to expand my horizons. I am extremely excited and very motivated to get back to work as a dentist in a short amount of time!


Dentist/prevention assistant

For several years I worked as a dental assistant, where I developed an affinity with the dental practice. After this, I did secretarial training and worked as a secretary for many years. After the birth of my children, I started working again as a receptionist in an orthodontic practice. Since early 2011 I am working as a desk assistant in our beautiful practice Whitesmile. The combination of personal contact with patients and the administrative part of my job gives me a lot of pleasure. I feel very much at home in my workplace.


Desk Assistants

My name is Micky Lynn and I am in the last year of dental school.  I am following this study at the Radboudumc in Nijmegen. I am still happy with my choice for this study. I like to help patients with their complaints or special needs about their teeth. When I don't have to be at the uni, I work at the practice Whitesmile. In my spare time, I practice classical ballet and play hockey with the Dutch national team, Oranje Rood.

I am happy to be part of the friendly team at Whitesmile


Dentist in training

My name is Julie and I changed course from a sales assistant to a dentist/desk assistant in training. I never thought I would get such an opportunity to do what I love like at Whitesmile! The nice team has welcomed me with open arms and I am very happy with this job. I like working with people and I also enjoy varied work, which is why the combination of a desk and a dental assistant is ideal. Outside of that I like to do fun activities with my friends, family and boyfriend. I'll see you soon at the practice!

Julie Egelmeers

Dentist and counter assistant

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Mai Sameh

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Nayanika Naik